A simple Android app that allows you to create shortcuts that can be placed on your home screen. Each shortcut, when clicked, triggers an HTTP request.

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This app is open-source and can be found on Github.



Running shortcuts works from within the app, but not from the homescreen. How do I fix it?

This usually happens when Data Saver or Battery Saver is enabled, as those restrict how apps can use the network. Try disabling them or whitelisting the HTTP Shortcuts app.

Can I send multiple requests with one shortcut?

Not directly. A shortcut corresponds to a single request. You can, however, have one shortcut trigger another shortcut through the use of "Success Actions". When editing your shortcut scroll down until you find the option "Success Actions" and use it to add an action of type "Trigger Shortcut". This way, whenever you run your shortcut, it will trigger another one after it completed.

How do I pass variables from Tasker to HTTP Shortcuts?

You can use Tasker to trigger a shortcut. To pass a value from Tasker to HTTP Shortcuts you need to create a variable of type "Constant" in HTTP Shortcuts and a global variable with the same name in Tasker. All global variables that have matching variables in HTTP Shortcuts are automatically passed over.

What about voice recognition?

There is currently no support for voice recognition in HTTP Shortcuts, with the exception of a very basic and experimental feature. Try "Ok Google, search [Name of Shortcut] in HTTP Shortcuts".

This app is free and contains no ads. What's the catch?

There is no catch. I'm a developer who one day realized he needed an app like this, built it, and then decided to share it. HTTP Shortcuts is essentially a one-man show, and I'm only working on it in my spare time. I'm doing it because I enjoy the project, which is why the app is completely free and will remain so. No ads, no tracking, no premium features, just a simple open-source app that aims to be useful.